Extenuating Circumstances

First Session

After establishing how everyone knew each other and that the group was a small bonded company of mercenaries[see wiki], the group sat down to a meal that was disturbed by the city guard attempting to arrest a thief. After an attempt to disguise himself as the group’s fighter which ended with the other man with him left without him, he fought to escape, repeatedly getting knocked down and lit on fire by the group. A thunderstone unleashed by the monk caused both the party’s witch and fighter becoming deafened for an hour. In the end the man lay dead on the floor, the city watch taking control of the corpse and the party the nearby smoldering bag.

Among it’s contents was a magical box which blinded for an hour the kobold and ninja and contained a hole to another area.

*Group was established as a small company: “The Just Us League” with Drojin[Bob] as the Captain.


martianbob Artiamus

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