What world is complete without various locations to hear stories about and travel to?

The World
There are five continents that make up the world: Mytria1, Shy’aye2, and Arthenia3 to the south; Perfidia4 and Iness5 to the north.

The Northern Circle
Surrounded by a high, near impassible mountain range called the Crown of the World, the Northern Circle spans an area over 3,000 miles across and includes the Pole of the World, a solitary mountain that can be seen from weeks away across the water.

The Northern Circle consists of one large body of water, much of it frozen in one large ice sheet for the entirety of the year, with mountainous and volcanic islands scattered throughout and a wide band of land that follows the curve of the Crown. Various nomadic tribes claim territory across the islands and ice with small settlements and even cities scattered across the larger land masses. These tribes believe that God lives at the peak of the Pole and that the entire mountain is sacred.

There are only two places where the Crown dips low enough to allow easy and safe passage during the year, one on either side of the Crown. The first is at Dragonswater in the west, a city of canals built on a narrow land bridge between Perfidia and Iness. The other is Lestranda, set on an island in a narrow gap between the two land masses. Both are major trade ports and constantly at war with the other, though due to distance they prefer to strike via trade and other non-direct means instead of keeping more then a standing army.

Prophet’s Fires

Ruled by Lord Gavir.

Ruled by Lord Rygat.

1 my-tri-a
fn2. shy-aye
fn3. ar-the-ni-a
fn4. per-fid-i-a
fn5. in-ness


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